The Simple Life

Not everything needs lots of materials. Sometimes the simplest things can make the most beautiful memories. In the spirit of creating a real blog though it is important to remember that although these photographs capture a perfect moment inevitably not everything goes to plan! The girls had a wonderful time splashing in the river on a surprisingly warm March day this year, but the wet walk home was long! Having a bath outside is also fun but there was an issue with who had the most water… sigh…why can’t they just enjoy the moment. But amongst all of this there are some truly wonderful times. Moments that you know they will remember and you can smile in the knowledge that you have given them a wonderful childhood (mostly, apart from those cross mama moments, but we are all only human!)

Splash in a massive puddle (this was on a really warm day in March)


Dig a big hole and cover yourself in sand (I often find that I am wearing the same clothes as the girls!?!))


Get really muddy and make mud piles (it will wash and they won’t want to do it when they are teenagers, probably)


Go for a dip at sunset


Roll down a hill in a sleeping bag


Go crabbing


Go crazy with grass (cut the lawn and leave the clippings – obviously not good if you suffer from hay fever)


Set up a reading corner outside (the girls set this up themselves just before bedtime on a warm summers night – a beautiful moment which I sneaked a picture of through the window. Then Daddy went out side to read to them. It was bedtime on a school night but sometimes we just need to grab these moments)

IMG_3386 IMG_3389



Play in the sprinklers or fountains (this is a lovely London park with big fountains)



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