Box drawings

A quick after school drawing activity…the drawing prompt asked the girls to think about who lives in the little windows. I sometimes leave a drawing activity out after school. Sometimes they do it but often they ignore it all together! This one was a big hit though with some lovely results.


We used some old pieces from a game… these are the bits that are left over after you have punched the counters out. If you don’t have them to hand (not likely unless you hoard everything like me!) then just draw squares on paper. Pickle used them to draw her own boxes and then removed the card.


Noodle prefered to draw with the boxes still on. This card was the inners from an old Graze box.


The finished – first and only “Panda Operatic Hotel” – we have been drawing to music recently and I thought this was truly inspired! Pickles drawing went missing…but it was really cool with a giraffe stretching through several windows – its head finally poking out of the top!


Enid Blyton Rating: 7 out of 10 (Straight forward fun after school! Or maybe leave it out on a Sunday morning if your children are old enough to go downstairs on their own and you might get 10 minutes extra in bed!)


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