White Glue Dough v Salt Dough

This was an interesting experiment in creating hard white dough shapes but I want to say upfront – we prefer salt dough! Check out our post here on how to make the best one. It is fun to try new things though and the dough only has two ingredients. The benefit is that you do achieve a lovely white dough so coloured stamps are extra vibrant (salt dough is more of a creamy colour). Plus it dries very quickly (about an hour in an oven at 100 C).


What you need…


  • PVA glue (half a cup)
  • 1 cup of cornflour approx. although we needed a bit extra, plus a bit more for rolling
  • a little water to get your dough to the right consistency (couple of tablespoons worked for us)
  • biscuit cutters
  • rolling pin
  • Stamps and ink pad to decorate

Simply mix the glue and cornflour together.


This is more tricky and messy than it looks…you are mixing glue after all! I would start off with a spoon. (We mixed it by hand and it all stuck to our fingers and we couldn’t mix it). We had to add a little more cornflour as the dough was very sticky. It still didn’t feel quite right so we added a few tablespoons of water. You will just need to experiment to get it into the ball pictured below. The children will love this part. However I like a little more precision, if you are like me…apologies… it is one of those doughs that you have to make by touch. I think a lot depends on the glue you have and as ours is pretty strong we had to add water.


Then simply roll it out and cut out your shapes. Dust your surface with more cornflour to prevent sticking.


It’s quite fun to make a repeating pattern.


Or you can roll small balls and stamp directly onto them.


Any stamps you have to hand will be great. I wanted to get out the animal stamps but apparently it was a heart and flower sort of day.


Although I managed to sneak in some bugs which have been very popular as an item for treasure hunts. I have hidden the little bugs around the house and the girls love finding them. They have also made their own bug treasure hunt maps too.


The dough will look like it is not going to go very far but there was plenty to play with.


When you have finished creating leave to dry overnight or you can pop them into the oven at 100 C  for an hour and they will firm up well. Get the paints out to decorate any ones you have left white. If you intend to use them as hanging decorations then simply take a straw and poke a hole through before you dry them. To give them a shiny finish paint over with PVA glue.

Enid Blyton Rating: 5 out of 10 (not our favourite dough as it was tricky to get the right consistency but the results were lovely in the end)


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