Collage People – a fun drawing prompt

This is a really simple after school or weekend activity as all you need are some old clothes catalogues, glue and pens. Add paint and any other collage material if you like. I love digging out an old activity to see what they will come up with this time. The photo below shows the pictures they created when they were 3 and 5. They are now 5 and 7 and they loved seeing their old work. This activity is a real favourite with the little girls.


Simply leave the following on a table and let the children pick it up if they feel inspired!

  • Clothes pictures cut from old magazines in a bowl (I do this the night before and weirdly find it very relaxing!)
  • Pot of glue and brushes
  • Any other collage materials such as string, tissue paper or wool (although this is a nice addition and not critical)
  • Pens
  • Paint if you feel you are up to more mess but if not pens will work just fine
  • Paper or card (the frame above I found at Scrapstore which is an amazing resource for collage bits and pieces)


The picture above is by Pickle (7) she choose paint and a few collage materials and had it finished in about 10 minutes. A very happy picture of the three of us! Sometimes activities like this will last up to an hour…but the lego was calling. The picture below is a self portrait of Noodle (5) on a lovely summers day…I love the sky which she spent quite a long time on as she patiently explained to me, “the sky is not all one colour Mummy.”


Drawing prompts are a fantastic way of encouraging art at home. Blank pieces of paper can be a little scary sometimes so providing a few well chosen materials really helps start the process. Plus leaving a surprise project on the table after school or at the weekend is a real treat…a little gift to your children.

Enid Blyton rating: 8 out of 10 (Always interesting to see what clothes they will choose…usually quite different to what I would buy for them! I have left this project out for boys too and they really enjoy it. Just like the girls they may need help imagining a scene in which to set their people – surfing, at the sweetie shop, at the park, in a car race etc – but once they are off they come up with some fantastic creations!)


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