Beach Sculptures

I feel so happy when I am messing about on a beach, particularly around the tide line which is crammed full of washed up treasures. I love that you can create art here too. From drawing pictures in the sand to making rock sculptures. If you find yourself by the sea this half term take some pictures of your art – we would love to see them. Here are a few of ours just in case you need inspiration…

Try making rock creatures… this is Rudolf by my littlest. I think he has a lot of personality!


Go big with a giant beach sculpture by all the family. I think a beach calls for a frantic group projects before the tide comes in! This was about 6m long! In the past we have made large scale mermaids and fish but sadly I can’t find the photos.


Or just make a happy face with rocks, seaweed and sea water.


We felt this happy because we had this beautiful little beach in Wales all to ourselves!


Make a fairy garden with pebble tables, seaweed trees and shell plates (very hard to photograph but this one was really lovely, set on a sand hill surrounded by a driftwood picket fence..ready for the Devon fairies!).


Sculptures done… don’t forget to make sand angels!


Enid Blyton rating: 10 out of 10 (You can’t beat the beach, from digging holes to Australia to making giant sculptures, it is just fun…that is until someone really needs to go to the loo…)


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