The ‘Big’ Drawing Invitation

You are presented with a blank white piece of paper and asked to draw something, if you are anything like me, your mind will probably go into immediate ‘brain freeze’ and you will be unable to think of anything at all to put on it! Children’s brains can sometimes experience the same thing and it is fun to create drawing prompts for them. All you need is some coloured paper. This is a great one to set up on Friday or Saturday night…the excitement created when the children get up to things in an odd place the next day is priceless!


Simply attach some paper to your table – I used sellotape. We had some brown parcel paper and a sheet of blue wrapping paper. I added the white paper for an extra contrast (and because we didn’t have enough blue). Just use whatever paper you have to hand. I then left them pens, animals, some pencil shavings which we had been saving (odd I know (!) and a nice addition but not necessary to the project at all) and a drawing prompt‘the animals need homes – please draw us one’.


I set this up in 15 minutes when the girls had gone to bed. They came down the next morning and were so excited. They immediately set to work on the beautiful display below (while I had a relaxing cup of tea and a quiet piece of toast!). They wanted me to draw a road but that was my only addition.


A close up of the tiger and crab house.


The display got added to over a number of days and they turned it into a game with all the animals interacting. I love that the panda house has climbing roses up the wall and a post box! Our bears get a lot of mail!


They drew a home for each animal.


I could have taken endless pictures of this but I will save you! We left it up for about a week so be prepared to find somewhere else to eat. The girls were pretty happy to take it down as I had another project in mind…

Enid Blyton Rating: 8 out of 10 (Easy drawing fun which allows their imaginations to run wild on a big scale.)


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