3D Art and experimenting with different mediums

Sometimes it is nice to have a special 3D project and Spring time eggs seemed like a fun idea. If you don’t have any wooden ones (which I ordered here) you can boil an egg up and do the same thing – if you blow the eggs first you have the added benefit of scrambled eggs for tea!


To give the girls more control over the project I put out a choice of art materials – poster paints with cotton buds and paint brushes, oil pastels (very economical and produce lovely colours), bleeding tissue paper and sharpie markers (ordinary felt tip pens would be great too). Check out our post here on how to use bleeding tissue paper.


We had a few friends round for an art party and here are the results.

…dotty paint below making excellent use of the cotton buds (PVA glue them later to protect them).


Sharpie markers below…we all love the metallic ones! This led to a great discussion on Fabergé eggs…check out these pictures here.


Below sharpie markers (which I should add are permanent) on the left and bleeding tissue paper on the right (it went home so I didn’t get to see the big reveal, when the tissue paper is taken off, but I am sure it was beautiful).


And paint brushes and cotton bud painting here. Sadly no one used the oil pastels…if only there had been an egg left for me to do!


Enid Blyton Rating: 8 out of 10 (Lots of art materials on offer and an interesting and challenging 3D shape ensured the girls had total control of this project. At school they can often be presented with a finished project to emulate so it is lovely to have the freedom to experiment at home).


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