Humming birds and bleeding tissue paper

I’m not keen on the name of ‘bleeding tissue paper’ but it does produce some beautiful effects on paper and wood! We found some lovely wooden craft shapes here and bleeding tissue paper here and got to work!


Here are the results…it is so easy to do and the girls loved the way the colours blended together.


How to colour shapes with bleeding tissue paper… 

The first job is to rip up your tissue paper and put it into a dry bowl. The moment it gets wet the colour starts to come out and mix together and the challenge of this project is keeping the dry bowl dry!


Pop your shape onto paper if you don’t mind staining your table or use an oilcloth/tray if you do. Now there are two ways to do this and they both work equally well so don’t stress and go with the flow. Get a bowl of water and a couple of paintbrushes…(the bird theme water bowl was perhaps lost on the little girls but I couldn’t help myself!)


Method 1. Lay your dry tissue paper onto the shape in whatever pattern you like and then brush over the whole lot with water (my littlest did this).

Method 2. Lay one piece on at a time and brush each one with water and build it up (my biggest did this).

Here are a few pictures of the girls mid project…


In the pictures below I put all the tissue paper on before I painted it. This is probably good for smaller children as if little wet hands dip in and out of the dry tissue bowl inevitably you will end up with a lot of wet bleeding tissue paper (…although is that really so bad…I would let them get on and create their own masterpiece in whichever style they fancy).


I then simply brushed it over with water…it does need quite a lot of water to get a deep colour effect.


Simply leave it for an hour or two to dry and the tissue paper will peel off really easily. It is so much fun uncovering the results which are just beautiful. Just do the same process on the other side. A word of warning though…unless you can keep your shape really still you will end up recoloring your first side a little as the tissue paper bleeds a lot.


Just one more picture…


We are making our humming birds into bunting with the trusty glue gun and string but it would make a lovely mobile too.

We also played around with the tissue paper on thicker paper too (see below) with lovely results. We cut them into easter egg shapes but they would also provide some fantastic background for marker drawings. We will be doing lots more of this as it is really addictive!


Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (Very cool free form art with unexpected results…there is certainly a little bit of magic when you take off the paper and reveal the creations)



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