Rain clouds in a glass

Mummy, how does it rain?


Here is a fun, quick experiment to show the girls how rain is formed. We also looked at this you tube video to help us understand the ‘water cycle’ (my Geography ‘A’ level really came into its own here!). The video is a bit too detailed for my littlest but she really enjoyed the experiment!

What you need?

  • Food colours or Liquid water colours (thinned down poster paint would also work)
  • Shaving Foam
  • Pipettes (or if you don’t have one a teaspoon will be fine)
  • A clear jar or glass


How to make it rain?

Simply fill a glass with water and put shaving cream on the top to represent the cloud. Start to add your colours slowly. They will pool in and just at the bottom of the cloud.


As more water is added to the cloud the cloud get heavier…


and heavier.


Eventually the cloud will get so heavy it will start to rain. It looks very pretty especially if you add lots of colours. I think we were aiming for a thunderstorm here!


Although I think you can see the effect better with one colour.


A friend did this recently and she said that using ice cold water produced more pronounced droplets. An interesting future experiment! If you have any shaving foam left why not try shaving cream marbling.

Enid Blyton Rating: 8 out of 10 ( A quick, hands on experiment for even the smallest scientist)


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