Marble Painting with shaving cream

A real…I can’t believe I am allowed to do this moment from the ‘little girls’ – it is THAT much FUN!


What you will need…

  • Shaving cream (the foamy one and not the gel – sensitive if you can find it)
  • A baking sheet or tray
  • Liquid water colours or food colouring (other paints work just as well but liquid colours give a lovely bright effect)
  • A dropper to drop the paint in (If you don’t have one and are desperate to do this you can drip the paint in with any implement you have to hand… the handle of a teaspoon, the wooden end of a paint brush – anything that will fit into your bottle!)
  • A scraper – we used our shower cleaner, but really anything with a straight edge will do. A ruler would be pretty good.
  • Lots of paper (If you want to use the finished products for cards later on water colour paper is ideal. But it is expensive so we just use ordinary drawing paper.)

What next…

Squirt the shaving cream onto your tray. I love the pure joy on this photograph!


Spread it out… with your hands because it feels nice!


“I wonder what it would be like if I clapped my hands together Mummy?” Messy is the answer but life is short and the wipe down was fairly quick!


Drop your colours onto the shaving cream.


Swirl into pretty patterns with the end of a paintbrush, straw or anything pointy.


Or just use your fingers! (but you will get less defined swirls which is fine by us)


I could fill several posts with pictures of these beautiful swirly patterns but I am limiting myself to one!


Then lay the paper on top and press down gently – don’t leave your paper on for long as you don’t want it to get really soggy. Peel the paper off and scrape away the foam.


This is the magic bit. After you have taken off your foam your paper will have a beautiful swirly pattern set on it. Just hang it up to dry.

I guarantee you will not stop at one creation and that’s ok. You can use the same foam and put another piece of paper on top and repeat the process. The results will be lighter and a bit more smudged (the second one on the line shows you the effects).

To bring it to life again you can add more colour to the original foam or you can spray new foam on top of your previous efforts. Spread it carefully and you have a whole new white ‘canvass’. It is really interesting to look at what happens to the patterns as you try a slightly different technique or different swirl.


The Clean Up…

Then for the great foam clean up! The ‘little girls’ found this just as much fun as the activity! I think it was a lovely sensory experience of warm water, silky foam and beautiful colours. I had a cup of tea while they washed up! (that said I did need to mop the ‘flood’ off the floor when they had finished!)


Enid Blyton Rating: An easy 10!  (This was so much fun. We have still failed to make our paper into anything but it does make a lovely addition to our kitchen art wall. We may make it into some new bunting… at some point!)


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