Sellotape Flower Suncatchers


It is so cold outside but sadly no snow! So we are trying to tempt Spring to come a little earlier with these pretty flower sun catchers. At the very least they will cheer us up and they only need Sellotape, straws and tissue paper! With the addition of a few hearts they would be perfect for Valentine’s day too.

Simply cobble together… Sellotape (I think a sturdy brand is needed here as thinner tapes may be hard to lay flat on the table – this is not affiliate post – it is just what I had to hand!), tissue paper, straws, scissors and pens if you fancy decorating your flowers.


To make your flowers simply fold your tissue paper and draw a pattern. Cut your flowers out and you will have multiple flowers. For younger children they may want to tear their flowers or scrunch the paper. If you scrunch them all it will block out the light so you might want to encourage them to make some flowers or you could cut some out for them to decorate. Grace (7) enjoyed cutting the edges to make cornflour shapes and Kitty (5) preferred scrunching and colouring.


Take your straws and cut two bits just wider than the width of the Sellotape. Take a long piece of tape and lay it flat on the table and attach your straw sections to either end. The one at the top means you can thread string to hang it up (although we taped some of ours up) and the one at the bottom weights it down.


Then have fun sticking on your flowers any which way you like! This takes minutes! Make sure you have all your flowers done before you start sticking as we ended up in a bit of a tangle at one point.


I think we were pretty conservative on our choice of colours and flowers this time. We are already planning rainbows, more colouring and hearts in the next set. We are seriously obsessed already! We put them up today, the sun was very obliging and they looked really lovely (just ignore our very dirty windows!). Although you can see the tape in the pictures it blends into the background on the window.



Enid Blyton rating: 10 out of 10 (A pretty quick and effective craft which we all enjoyed…plus it looks really cheerful too!)


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