Magic Salt Painting

At 6 and 4 the two little girls genuinely think this is magic painting and are so delighted every time we do it. We usually make about 5 pictures each! Thank you Artful Parent for the idea. It only takes three ingredients from your kitchen cupboards and some card! Read on to see the magic…


What you will need…

  • Fine Salt (Saxo not posh sea salt!)
  • Liquid watercolours (which we used above), food colouring or poster paint which you have mixed with a lot of water to make it very runny
  • PVA Glue
  • Card
  • Paint brushes and a baking tin (big enough to fit your card in)


This is just the girls messing about with some salt while I got the paints ready. We used liquid water colours here but it works really well with food colouring or very watery poster paint too.


When you have all your paint ready simply put your card in the baking tray and squeeze glue in any pattern you like all over it. Squiggles are excellent! Then sprinkle salt over and ensure all the glue is nicely coated. Shake your excess salt into your baking tray underneath, pop the card back into the baking tray and start to add the paint. For older children, suggest just dapping the paint onto the glue/salt mix. As the brush touches the paint it will magically travel across the salt. It is really beautiful to watch.


Hard at work making the magic!


Two brushes at once is also fun!


For younger children they may just want to ‘paint’ the colours into the glue/salt mix and that is OK too! If they watch you do one they may be enticed to be more gentle. Either way it is still fun.



Then just leave your creations to dry for a lovely salty picture. If you use liquid water colours, when they dry, the colours do get lighter. The salt also does tend to fall off a little too. But it really is so much fun and so easy so give it a try.

Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (So easy and so enchanting)



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