Giving a small world

Combine a small world and a messy play and I am in heaven! They make lovely presents or you could just leave out a pot for your children to find as a little surprise. They can then pop it into a tray when they find it and play! It invigorates your old toys and the little girls always create such beautiful stories when I do this. Sometimes they play alone while I am making dinner or we play together. Either way it usually provides at least half an hour of fun – a good store cupboard standby as it keeps in a sealed jar for months.

Simply fill a kilner jar with cloud dough – here’s the recipe. Half the recipe for a small kilner jar.


The jar above is for a little girl who has a guinea pig and I thought it would be fun for her to create a small world for a toy one. I just added a little Playmobil and glitter to the cloud dough.


My glass pens have run out so I had to use a Sharpie – it looks lovely but I think I prefer it written in coloured pens. I personalised it on the other side with her name which the children always love. The present below is for my goddaughter. She loves ice-cream and I have found her a little set of wooden lollys for pretend play.


I thought she might like to create her own ice-cream sundaes so I popped in a silicone cake case, pony beads, a few jewels and glitter so she can top off her creation (I was looking for our mini sundae dishes but the little girls have squirrelled them away so I had to improvise).



I have done this lots of times and it is always a hit. Try popping in little plastic animals to make a farm or a zoo. Tiny vegetables and flowers to make a garden. Pirates, glass ‘treasure’ beads and a cannon for a messy battle or dinosaurs so that they can excavate them (add a paint brush to dust down the dinosaurs professionally)! If you add cars though, be warned, you will never get the cloud dough out of the wheels so perhaps have a set particularly for cloud dough if the children are desperate to put them in.

Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (This is always a massive hit and I love to hear the little girls give voices to their play as they move their characters around the dough world).


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