Frozen Chalks

As Summer is here we decided to take our craft outside and make frozen chalks. It was great fun to make the ice chalks and on the next hot day we tried them out. Once frozen they are a quick activity as they do melt quickly so I would make several batches at the same time as you will want to play with more as soon as they have melted (really must get better at blog pictures as I look at our scruffy weeds!).


What you need to make ice chalks…

  • Cornflour – half a cup
  • Ice cube trays – any shape you like
  • Paint – we tried a number of variations including poster paint, botanical powder paint and food colouring and they all worked well so don’t worry and just use whatever you have to hand
  • water

Get all of your bits and pieces together. We had to mix the cornflour as it was fun!


Then pop your cornflour into the trays – about half way up. Add your paint or food colouring. Use quite a lot to get a nice deep colour.


When you have finished admiring the colours add your water to the top.




Mix well with the end of a little teaspoon and pop your tray in the freezer overnight. (Now there is an easier way to do this. You could mix half a cup of cornflour and half a cup of water together and pop it into a jug. Pour it into the moulds and then add your paint but it is just more fun for the girls this way! Excellent pouring and fine motor skill practice too!)

The next day we popped them out of the freezer and created beautiful patterns on the pavement.


Looks like outer space…


And I think this one has a touch of the Van Gogh about it! I mentioned this to the girls and later we looked at a few pictures on the internet. All very educational and gave me a happy moment!


Enid Blyton Rating: 7 out of 10 (Must make more next time so we can continue the fun!)


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