Bubble Prints

Children and bubbles just work. The two ‘little girls’ loved them as babies and still ‘adore’ them now (their words!). We spent a good hour making lots of pictures. Not only is the process really fun but the outcome looks wonderful too. Which is fantastic as we have about 20 as we just couldn’t stop. It was endlessly fascinating to see the different bubble patterns. A fun activity if you were ever told not to blow bubbles into your drink…. you have to try this!


What you need to make bubble pictures:

  • Dish washing soap (we used Fairy Liquid)
  • A lot of paper (you seriously can’t stop)
  • A straw or two
  • Small bowls (don’t use big bowls – it takes a lot more puff and the results are not as good)
  • Water
  • Liquid Water Colours (we bought small ones from Amazon)

Simply put a squeeze of liquid soap in each dish (we had 6 colours so used 6 bowls). Then add a little water. Try not to go too mad at this point as the more water you use the more paint you need later.


Take your water colours which you can buy from Amazon. The 1 oz bottles we bought do go a long way.


Add your water colours to the bowls and mix well. (This is the bit you will need to experiment with depending how much water you have used and it does take a little trial and error).


After a little experimentation we realised that whisking them really well with a mini whisk gets the best results! (This was after a few failed attempts when the bubbles didn’t really make prints. We also added several more drops of water colour which achieved some lovely results)


Then simply blow into the bowls using the straws and make bubble mountains! We did put all our bowls together to try and get a rainbow picture. However we discovered the darker colours show up better that the lighter ones such as yellow.


Then simply lay the paper on the top – this bit is crucial – count to five and take it off to get the best results.


The results are beautiful. If you blow slowly you get lots of smaller bubbles. If you blow fast you tend to get bigger bubbles and they produce different results. Use the same piece of paper several times to layer the bubble pictures.



Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (This was an easy 10 – we had a lovely hour blowing bubbles and experimenting – I think this would appeal to anyone up to 101)



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