The Small World Farm

Any toy can be reinvigorated with the addition of a few items. We have a lovely farm but my ‘little girls’ wanted to make their own additions to make it really exciting for the animals. I don’t need to be asked twice to make a small world so we set to work.


Take whatever you have to hand but a few ideas…

  • Yellow wool for animal bedding
  • Pinecones and play dough to create a little forest
  • Cut paper to make more bedding (also fun to practice scissor skills)
  • Crepe paper, a plate and a bowl to create a hill for the cows
  • Cotton wool to make a nice soft bed for the pigs
  • Packing ‘green things’ for a field (we have been saving these for ages and we finally got to put them to good use!)
  • Offcuts of leather from scrapstore for a muddy field and a nice texture

Really you can add anything though…just get creative and make your perfect animal farm. Natural materials from the garden would  be really fun here too.


Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (Endless possibilities with all your toys creating a tiny world. Just by adding a few things it brings the toys to life. It does tend to take over your table for a while as we never want to move them so you might want to find a small corner somewhere and declare it your ‘small world’ space!)


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