Strangely Fun Pink Dough

This dosen’t feel like play dough, clay or slime! It is soft, smells nice and is a lot of fun (and did I mention it is pink which is a win win with the littlest).


How to make strange pink dough…

  • Large box of Cornflour (with one on stand by just in case the ratios are wrong)
  • One bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion
  • Glitter is optional

Simply mix the cornflour and baby lotion together to form a gloopy mixture somewhere between slime and play dough. We have made this a few times and it can vary so I would start off adding a whole box of cornflour and slowly add the lotion until you get a nice consistency. Just over half a bottle of lotion seems to do it. More lotion makes it softer and less makes it more powdery and you can form it into shapes. You add as you play and to be honest this was most of the fun.

Take some cornflour (lovely in itself as it feels so silky soft) and then mix it with baby lotion


Mix it together with your hands…


Then simply mold and play.


We added biscuit cutters and made shapes – for this we needed a dryer dough so you just need to add more cornflour. This keeps in the fridge for a few weeks wrapped in cling film. It is fun when it comes out of the fridge as it is lovely and cold and soft all at the same time.

Enid Blyton rating: 8 out of 10 (A really fun sensory play, very relaxing to play with if you want a calm half an hour with the children. Despite the fact it should soften your skin my hands felt a bit dry afterwards but I do have eczema sometimes so it may not be good to play with if you have sensitive skin. You could probably substitute it with your usual children’s cream if it is not too expensive and it would probably work well).


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