Printing with Marbles and Kitchen Roll


This is a really simple and satisfying activity. It looks really messy but actually you can contain quite a lot of the paint in a tray!

What you need…

  • Marbles
  • An empty kitchen roll, wrapped in a sheet of A4 paper (sellotaped to hold it on)
  • A cardboard tray or a baking tin (light enough for your children to pick up) and fits an A4 sheet of paper in
  • Lots of A4 paper
  • Tubes of paint


Simply put your sheet of paper into the bottom of your tray and squeeze paint onto it.


Then roll to achieve a beautiful rainbow pattern (as much or as little rolling as you like). I would string up a washing line somewhere as we ended up with lots of these beautiful creations and nowhere to hang them! When you are ready to do your next one simply remove the paper you put around your cardboard tube and put a fresh piece of A4 paper on. You could leave it on for a few rolls but you tend to make brown pretty quickly!

We then extended this activity by adding marbles. Simply add a fresh sheet of paper into your box or tin. Instead of adding paint directly to the paper we found it was quite fun to dip the marbles in paint and fish them out onto the paper. Then pick up your tray or tin and get your marbles to ‘party’ according to my two little girls (also known as rolling the marbles around by tilting the tin from side to side).


Endless fun with colours and never the same pattern!


Enid Blyton Rating: 8 out of 10 (We did use a lot of paint and paper and it was fascinating to see all the different patterns. Slightly addictive and I would definitely get a washing line ready to dry all your beautiful creations!)


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