Forage for a Gruffalo Picture

A day out at the National Tree Collection inspired this craft. We made this on a Spring walk around the beautiful Old Arboretum and it was amazing how many colours we could find. Autumn is always busy at Westonbirt, with everyone heading to see the beautiful Autumn colours, but we think Spring is the best time to see it! The scent from all the spring flowers that day was staggering.


Try the Gruffalo or try any character from your favourite book. Perhaps you can have a family guessing game – taking it in turns to create something in nature.


Why not make a comfy nest for a bird while you are there too…


We have just come back from a deep dark stroll at Westonbirt and thought we would share who we saw! We thought he deserved a big picture!


Enid Blyton rating: 10 out of 10 (Good fun for a little rest in the middle of a walk. The two little girls only get enthusiastic about it though if we are into it so you might need to get creative with them… I know just when you want to sit down and have that nice flask of tea which you have remembered to pack for once).


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