The Spring Big Picture


Every year we try to do a few ‘Big’ family art projects. This usually involves sticking a couple of rolls of paper together and getting out the paint, brushes and sponges. Last month we decided we wanted to attempt a Spring picture. It is always fun to create things as a family and the two little girls love that we are so involved. Everyone brought something to the picture…

Kitty created a farm at one end (we can make brown out of any combination of paints!). I particularly love the chickens and the pink farmer!


While Grace painted a beautiful waterfall at the other end complete with a Bluebell meadow.


Daddy added a lovely sunshine – which turned slightly green. This turned out to be a nice lesson in colour mixing. When you are using blue for the sky and yellow for the sun at the same time it will always make green Daddy!


All in all it was a lovely afternoon talking about Spring and we added lambs, blossom, meadows, chickens, bunnies and birds flying back to their nesting grounds after a holiday in the Southern Hemisphere (we even got the maps out to see where they might have flown from!).



Enid Blyton Rating: 10 out of 10 (It is always so easy and fun!)


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