The Mud Pie Kitchen

We have wanted to create one of these for a long time – a kitchen corner to play in and get messy outside! I simply took some old crates from our farm shop and painted them with left over house paint. I then painted circles on the top with black board paint and the help of a saucer. I lashed them together with twine and put a couple of nails in the top crate to hang our utensils off. I searched around our kitchen for things I didn’t use anymore or items I had a few of and gave them to the two little girls (the salad spinner has never been the same since much to my husband’s irritation – it turns out that we used it much more than I thought!). Finally, add a bag of soil, buckets and spades and you are ready to play.


The seaside boards and pallet are from a village event we did and we thought we could make use of them for the summer (the cardboard seaside doors have long since gone in the bin – a soggy mess – but they looked nice for the pictures!). We have learned that the pallet is a bit of pain as the mud gets stuck underneath so we might change that this summer too.


Here are the little girls and a friend making use of the kitchen…


All in all it had been a big success. The free crates we used were quite flimsy but they have actually held together pretty well. Some old shelves would be a brilliant addition and I am on the look out. Needless to say the mud pie kitchen does not look like the picture below now but it has been fun for the girls (and me!) to play in.


Enid Blyton Rating: 8 out 10 (it would have got 10 out of 10 but we have a very small courtyard garden and it does take up a lot of space and make a lot of mess! If you have a bigger garden it would be great to put it in a muddy corner of the garden).


One thought on “The Mud Pie Kitchen

  1. What a great idea, remember when I was a little girl using my Dads decorating plank to put all the mud pies on. I would then turn the plank into a counter and pretend it was a shop to sell all my mud pies. x


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