Making a fairy garden

My girls love fairies so the idea of making a fairy garden was met with lots of excitement. If you have a garden then you will have everything to hand. If you don’t then a trip to the park with a bucket and spade will work equally well. You need a deepish dinner plate (so your garden dosen’t fall out!), soil, cuttings from the garden (weeds will do or anything that needs cutting back), twigs, rocks, shells and anything else a fairy might like!


We made a proper excursion of the fairy garden with scissors, a basket, binoculars and our eyes open for real live fairies! It was raining at the time but the task kept them entertained. We picked up lots of lovely things including some nice moss and feathers and took them back to create our gardens. We piled lots of soil onto the plates and ‘planted’ and arranged our finds.

Here are the rather lovely results. We added the tea set that the fairies left under a bush on Grace’s third birthday to make them feel totally at home. We also put in a fairy path with rocks and a pond made from a tea light holder.

Image 1

This is Grace’s garden…

Image 3

This is Kitty’s garden…

Image 5

Enid Blyton Rating: 10! (We spent a full afternoon hunting and making the gardens – they got put outside and snails were added – although they often escaped after eating their fill!)


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