Snow Globes

To make some lovely snow globes all you need is – jam jars (with labels soaked off and removed), plastic animals to put inside, glue, glitter and glycerine from the chemist!


Glue your animal into the lid and wait for it to dry. A nice tall animal works best. We just used normal craft glue (The penguin did come un-stuck and float off after about 2 months but the girls thought he was ready for another adventure anyway!). Then add your water, about a teaspoon of glycerine and a teaspoon (or five if you are Kitty) of glitter to the jars. The glycerine helps it to fall in a more snowy way. If you don’t have glycerine try using baby oil – it is supposed to work just as well although we have never tried it.


Screw your lid back on, turn over and you have a lovely snowy scene!

Enid Blyton Rating: 7 (Make sure your lids are nice and tight fitting before you start – we had a bit of a water issue with one of them! It is also quite a quick activity so you might want to do some glitter painting with all the remaining sparkles that have coated the table afterwards!).


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