Salt Dough Shop

Definitely our favourite project from last year and all the salt dough cakes and biscuits are still going strong! In fact we were playing with them today – again! The project was inspired by a picture of a salt dough tea set but the two little girls wanted to make cakes. Maybe this year I will encourage them to make accessories for their tea party!


To make salt dough take 300g (10oz) plain flour, 300g (10oz) salt, 200ml (1/3 pint) lukewarm water and one tablespoon of vegetable oil.


Put the salt and water into a bowl and mix until all the salt is dissolved. This will create a nice smooth dough.

Then add the flour and vegetable oil to the bowl. Stir until stiff, then knead and your dough is done. Just add more flour if the dough is sticky or water if it is a bit crumbly.

Simply tear off chunks and make anything you like! We made, bread, biscuits, cakes, bowls, fruit, vegetables, a dog and a shop mouse!


After you have made all your shapes pop them in the oven at 100 degrees C (210F, Gas 4) for about an hour. Leave them in a bit longer if they are still soft.

Meanwhile we found some old Melissa and Doug stamp boxes and painted them to create our shops.


We then went off to do something else for a few days and came back to the project! We painted all the pieces – I particularly enjoyed painting the bowls while the little girls concentrated on the cakes! Here are the finished results – I really love the croissants which Graeme made! Apologies for the horrible baking tray but I wasn’t thinking about blog pictures when I took it!



Hours of fun and endless possibilities for the next salt dough project!


Enid Blyton Rating: 10 (Hours of fun in the making and in the playing with after)


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