Our blog adventure starts here!

From paper field journals to blogs on crafty adventures with my two little girls

I found a pretty floral sketch pad and gave it to Grace at the end of her first year at big school (she is not yet 5 and I can’t quite believe she has finished her first year!). I thought we could use it to draw, write and stick in our adventures over the next few weeks – memories of summer. Grace was so excited when I gave it to her and declared it as her field journal! It reminded me that I have been thinking of creating a blog for some time! Sharing all the fun messy sticking, painting, mixing and making I love to do with my two little girls. Charting my successes when I have created the perfect famous five type day and we crack open the ginger beer to the disasters when the ‘little girls’ are not on track with my Enid Blyton efforts!!!

My kitchen shelves, once the top of a huge welsh dresser (now bottomless!), are groaning with the weight of jam jars, boxes and pots. These little jars of promise contain ribbon, tissue paper, bits of old string, stamps and everything else in between. All just waiting to be turned into something magical! So I hope that some of the adventures I put on this site inspire you and I would love to hear how they go! Any new ideas would be welcome too! Kirsty X

PS If you are just starting to get crafty why not try Gloop – it only needs two ingredients which you are likely to have in your cupboard! Or if you want to reinvigorate your toys try adding a bit of crafty magic and create a small world.


3 thoughts on “Our blog adventure starts here!

  1. Kirsty, Fab site and amazing idea’s. At the Weekend Lauren was poorly with the chicken pox’s and couldnt play out with her friends, so i made the salt dough, i had the best couple of quality hours with her in a long time and now all her dolls have cakes and biscuits to eat at their tea party. Please keep those idea’s coming and love to those gorgeous little girls xxxx


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